HyperCharts Dictation Life Cycle

Starting the Process - Setting It Up

  • Get samples of curent dictation documents.
  • Discuss format of dictation documents in HyperCharts.
  • Match templates in HyperCharts to match existing documents or other preference.
  • Program input XML templates for transcriptionists.
  • Test chages thoroughly for errors.
  • Note that there will be differences in method between using a transcription company or transcribing the documents locally. The differences between the two transcription methods are briefly explained below. For more details on how HyperCharts can work with you practice's transcription method, contact .
  • Daily Flow of Transcribed Documents

    • 1 ) Doctor dictates contents of notes.
      • Transcription company can use any voice equipment they have (ie: dictaphone).
      • HyperCharts users can ditacte into DH-10 and upload audio file to HyperCharts ("Upload Audio File")
    • 2 ) Transcriptionists retrieve doctor's voice dictation.
      • Transcription company can retrieve using whatever equipment they have.
      • HyperCharts users can download the audio file ("Download Audio File")
    • 3 ) Transcriptionists type document from voice ditation and upload XML text.
      • All users will upload the properly formatted XML text document to HyperCharts via "Dictation File Upload"
    • 4 ) Doctors/Staff access transcribed document.
      • Transcription company or staff member checks document (verify name, find out information left out, etc) and releases from Quality Assurance List if approved. Any edits to patient name or chart number must be done in this step.
      • After approved by staff or transcriptionist, document is sent to sign off list for the doctor to view and approve.
      • Doctor can also edit everything except patient chart number or name.
    • 5 ) Signed Document
      • Once a document is signed it is available on the patient chart.
      • Print tracking is available, but requires extra setup.

    Finished document available on Patient Chart.

    More information on the details of transcribing documents can be found in the HyperCharts QuickStart Guide.

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