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Patient Maintenance
Adding a Patient
Adding a patient.

To add a new patient to HyperPath you can choose "Add A Patient" under "Patient Maintenance" on the HyperPath menu.

Enter all the required information on the form and click "Add Patient" to add the patient.

Note that all required fields are highlighted.

Troubleshooting : If you're encountering difficulty adding a patient, first make sure that all the required fields are full. Next, make sure that you're formatting the birthdate correctly. Lastly, make sure none of the fields are excessively long. Extremely long fields may cause an error.

Enter a search name or social security number for the patient.

Update the patient with the information you want.
Updating a Patient

Before updating a patient you must first search for one.

Choose "Update Patient" under "Patient Maintenance" on the HyperPath menu.

Enter a search parameter (a social security number or a patient's last name) in the appropriate field and click "Find Patient."

Choose a patient from the list.

After the list of patients matching your search query appears, choose the patient from the list that you were looking for.

Deleting a Patient

To delete a patient, go to the patient update screen and choose "Delete Patient" at the bottom of the page.

If an error occurs, make sure that the patient has no documents or cases in the database. Patients with cases cannot be deleted until the cases are deleted as well. This prevents case records from being lost.

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