HyperPath Security Information

One of our most important concerns with HyperPath is security and we take it seriously. All connections to the entire site are encrypted to protect your patients' privacy while using HyperPath.

Our HyperPath Support Team constantly monitors our networks and all facets of the HyperPath suite of applications. We expend a great amount of effort to ensure that your accounts and patient data are protected and remain confidential. HyperSoft Inc. maintains logs of all activity in our system and on our networks to monitor performance and verify that only authorized users are changing and viewing information. However, this information is only to keep HyperPath secure and operational and the information is never used for any other purposes.

Our company privacy statement also covers more security issues.

If you have questions about HyperPath, it might help to read the HyperCharts FAQ. Much of the information provided for HyperCharts can be applied to HyperPath as well.

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