What is HyperPath?

HyperPath is a records system specially designed for pathologist laboratories.

Records for cases, specimens, patients, and more are stored electronically for easy remote access from anywhere an internet connection is available. Although available anywhere, the records are stored and encrypted to keep your information secure.

HyperPath manages the life cycle of your cases: from the point they are received to the point that the results are sent out. You can even send and receive requests and results electronically through systems like HyperCharts. Other interfaces can be set up by request.

HyperPath is designed to make the pathologist job easier. Time saving features such as canned diagnosis, comments, descriptions save pathologists the expense of taking the time and money to hire trained transcriptionists. Doctors can instead enter codes which set the diagnosis, comments, or description.

HyperPath is also a system that would help doctors achieve HIPAA compliancy.

From the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:

By promoting the greater use of electronic transactions and the elimination of inefficient paper forms, the administrative simplification regulations [outlined in HIPAA] are expected to provide a net savings to the health care industry of $29.9 billion over 10 years.

How is HyperPath different from other electronic medical systems?

HyperPath is unique in that it's specifically designed for pathologists. Before HyperPath's 2002 public release, it was used privately since 1997. Due to this, it's been under intense development for five years. It constantly undergoes updates and changes to meet the needs of pathologists.

Additionally, HyperPath technical support is unmatched. Unlike most software companies, HyperSoft, Inc. is willing to work with customers to meet their every need. If you need a customized change or update to anything on HyperPath, we can usually do it for you.

What type of architecture is HyperPath built upon?

HyperPath is built upon an open-architecture environment using XML, HTML, Java applets and servlets, and CORBA. HyperPath is scaleable, highly-secure, and supports high-volume mission-critical transactions.

How can I find out more?

To learn more about HyperPath, you can view the HyperPath Documentation or email .

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