HyperCharts for PalmVII® Wireless Handhelds

As part of our continuing effort to give HyperCharts users the most flexible, secure access to their online medical records from any location, we have now added a wireless PalmVII® handheld version to the HyperCharts suite of patient information tools, available at no extra charge to HyperCharts users.

If you're using the PalmVII® wireless handheld, you have to install the HyperCharts.pqa web-clipping application [DOWNLOAD]. This web-clipping version gives you the most information in the least amount of space.

If you have a modem-enabled Palm handheld with Internet access, you can access the Palm-friendly version without the web-clipping application at https://secure.hypercharts.net/Palm/login.html. Modem-enabled Palm handhelds don't offer the convenience of wireless, but are still a quick and handy way to look up information.

Large images are not supported (due to time & bandwidth constraints with these new wireless handhelds) and the screens have been redesigned into a Palm-Pilot friendly format. You'll be surprised how much information can fit in so small of a device!

Mainly designed for looking up information (due to the input constraints inherent in a small device), you can access the vast majority of your HyperCharts data from the wireless convenience of your PalmVII wireless handheld. Imagine being able to fire up your PalmVII handheld and access your HyperCharts records anywhere covered by the PalmVII wireless service within seconds!

Check out the below links for more information or to download & try out the HyperCharts PalmVII handheld version today...


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